Monday, August 25, 2008


Robert Mitchum was a legitimate tough guy.. His macho mannerisms were a templet for Hoodlums everywhere ..They copied his swaggering walk, hell, others even smoked their cigarettes like him. .Mtchum’s machismo didn’t only extend to the silver screen, he became double-tough as a result of many bouts of barroom brawling. Mitchum regularly caught the Friday night fight card at the Olympic auditorium with his friend, mobster, Anthony “the Animal “Fiato . Mitchum and Anthony Fiato were both boxing buffs.. They would go toe-to-toe for hours calling each others favorite fighter a bum , or tomato can.. Fiato says Mitchum’s love for boxing can best be described by this Quote from the movie”The Champion”.. ” Hell , I’m a sucker, I just cant help watching a couple of good boys in action”
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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pizza Face Puggy

Puggy Zeichick bankrolled a seven figure juice loan operation that was backed by Mafia mobster Anthony Fiato's mob muscle. Zeichick and Fiato incorporated all the top west coast Jewish bookies and loan sharks into their crime syndicate.. Law enforcement and Mafiosi alike referred to Anthony Fiato and Puggy Zeichick as the Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky of Los Angeles...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sleazy Sal and Pal

Sal "Sleazy Sal" Esposito was a porn-peddling Harlem-to-Hollywood transplant -- with two-bit ties to theTinsel Town Mob. Sal switched gears to drug dealing --- when he palled-up with a low-leval hood named 'Rhode Island Rocky " The pair provided junkies with pure China-white smack. Mafia mobster's bled them broke --- constantly raking them over-the- coals for cash ..

Sal is mentioned in Mafia mobster Anthony Fiato's book ----"The Animal in Hollywood"

Another True Hollywood story