Monday, September 22, 2008


Some guys get their start in the mob busting knee caps, others whacked-out some mug in a carport,— but Tony ”Toothless Tony” Sposado busted his mob cherry lugging coca cola cases –and stocking up vending machines for a Los Angeles Mob associate of Louie Dragna’s named Mike Marquese.. ..Mike’s vending business was also a legitimate front for his bust-out scams and drug deals., The place was a haven for hoods and swindlers .. –who urged Sposado to start pushing drugs and pulling a few minor mob scams. He did, and he was going great guns,and making big money, until he palled up with a punch drunk stew bum named Ronnie Rome Although he didn’t look it, Rome was a street savvy swindler and he convinced Sposado to invest all his money in a vending business and then he robbed him blind . A broke Sposado went back to dealing drugs and got busted , He did a ton of time in the slammer and came out a useless and toothless busted suitcase.

Another True Hollywood Story

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mafia Pimp

Vincent Jimmy Caci. Vincent "Jimmy" Caci didn't become a "Made Guy" untill he was 60 years old. He was passed over for years because mob bosses knew he had the heart of a mustard seed. When Caci's pal Pete Milano became boss of the LA mob, Caci finally got his stripes. Caci once ran a whore house in Las Vegas . He caught the clap from one of his Ho's, and nearly beat her to death. Jimmy Caci became a joke when he tried to shake down a San Fernando Valley bookie named Kelly. The Bookie laughed at Caci and said to him. "what the fuck are you gonna do to me, put a horses head in my bed". Then Vincent Jimmy Caci left with his tail between his legs . Word got back to his Boss Pete Milano who then stripped him of a Capo rank, and sent him back to Palm Springs as a soldier