Thursday, October 1, 2009

Brando, Sinatra, and John Gotti

According to Victoria Gotti's new book, "This Family of Mine:"
* John Gotti and Brando hung out. Matthew Broderick once approached Gotti at a restaurant to ask if the godfather would have a drink with him and Marlon Brando. Gotti declined, but sent a bottle of bubbly to the actors. When Broderick made a second plea, Gotti brought Brando to his Ravenite Social Club. "That night, the reel-life godfather came face-to-face with the real-life godfather," Victoria writes. * He was pals with Leona Helmsley. Victoria writes that Helmsley denied the feds permission to "infiltrate" the wedding of John "Junior" Gotti at the Helmsley Palace by posing as staff, and instead hung a 20-foot Italian flag on the hotel's facade for the affair. When Gotti died, it was Helmsley's jet that brought his body back to New York. * He despised Frank Sinatra. "My father hated Sinatra, and wouldn't dare attend a concert of his," Victoria writes. "In fact, Dad never attended a concert in his life . . . He said they were 'too loud' and 'a breeding ground for trouble.' "

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gotti Junior may have killed his kid brother, but Frank Silva Jr. says, 'Not interested'

Frank Silva Jr. can live without knowing who killed his kid brother, even if federal prosecutors can't.The New Jersey man, standing in his front door Friday, said he's ignored testimony this week that mob legacy John A. (Junior) Gotti stabbed and then taunted a dying Daniel Silva back in 1983
. "Not interested after 26 years," the 52-year-old Silva said flatly at his rural home. "You move on."
His brother's name dominated the first days of the racketeering trial, with an eyewitness implicating Gotti in the killing inside an Ozone Park bar
Mike Bonner recalled the fatal March night at the Silver Fox, where a dispute between second-generation gangster Junior and a local barfly exploded into a barroom brawl. As glasses and punches flew, the prosecution witness said, the then-19-year-old Gotti slid away from the juke box, pulled a knife and stabbed Silva.
Bonner recounted seeing the badly injured 24-year-old victim propped up on a bar stool, splattered with blood.
"He looked like he was in bad shape," Bonner said. "Blood all over his shirt."
Prosecutors said a sneering Gotti returning to taunt the mortally wounded Danny with a cruel Porky Pig impression: "Th-th-that's all folks!"
Bonner said Gotti's father paid $10,000 to a crooked detective to make the case disappear.
The details were lost on Frank Silva, whose son Daniel is apparently named for his late uncle.
His father, Frank Sr., died three years after his brother, Silva said, and his mom is in declining health.
Asked how he coped with Daniel's death, Silva offered a blunt two-word reply: "Never did." Silva declined to discuss the case or his brother. It's a position he's taken for decades, even before the latest link to Gotti.
"I don't speak of family matters," he said before asking a reporter and photographer to leave the property

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ex-Mobster Gets Full Military Honors At Funeral

Convicted mobster Gennaro "Jerry" Angiulo was treated like a hero when he was laid to rest on Thursday. Before serving 24 years in federal prison, Angiulo served in the Navy. Angiulo was buried with full military honors for his service during World War II. The Navy funeral honors he earned serving during wartime are similar to those seen at Sen. Edward Kennedy's funeral last week, with six sailors to act as pallbearers and seven more for the firing party. The rules say as long as he wasn't convicted of capital offenses, he gets the military treatment. But some veterans told the Boston Herald they don't think Angiulo deserves the full honor. Angiulo was busted in 1983 after the feds bugged his North End headquarters for months. He was convicted of racketeering, loan-sharking and gambling charges. He served 24 years in federal prison before his release in 2007. He died last Saturday at the age of 90 from kidney failure

Friday, August 28, 2009

Alex "Bobo" Rocco , Winter Hill hood and Hollywood actor

Hollywood actor Alex Rocco was born Alexander F Petricone in Boston.Mass Petricone was known by the nickname “Bobo” in his early years as a hard fisted hood in the infamous Winter Hill Gang

According to Vincent Teresa in “My Life in the Mafia,” it was Rocco whose girlfriend Charlestown mobster Georgie McLaughlin tried to pick up on Labor Day weekend 1961, setting off the bloody Irish Gang War.

Rocco was arrested along with Winter Hill boss, Buddy McLean, as a suspect in the October 1961 murder of a gangster but was never charged.

.Petricone then bolted out of bullet riddled Boston and moved to Sunny California in 1962, and began using the name Alex Rocco. . He took acting classes and lost weight.

Rocco made his movie bones and scored the solid-gold role of Mobster,Moe Green, in the Godfather. The Winter Hill Mobs most famous felons watched the movie and rooted for Moe Green to whack out Michael Corleone

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The First Mafia Family

He came to New York City in 1892 from Corleone, the town in western Sicily whose name Mario Puzo borrowed to create literature's most famous Mafioso.

A half-century before The Godfather, he was the face of organized crime in America
That's the takeaway from The First Family, Mike Dash's highly researched and smoothly written book on the origins of the Mafia in the United States
Focusing primarily on New York City and using an infamous mob hit - the 1903 Barrel Murder - as the jumping-off point, the book, on one level, is a police procedural set against the backdrop of the Italian immigrant experience.

Dash's straightforward account - he accurately describes it as a "narrative history" - provides context for the birth of an American underworld institution, but he in no way glamorizes the gangsters who dominate his story. Morello, shrewd, ruthless and calculating, emerges as the prototype of the ethnic crime boss, the sine qua non of New World Mafiosi.

Known as "Clutch" or "The Clutch Hand" because he had been born with a deformed right arm, Morello was, in the words of one inve stigator, "conscientiously and zealously bad," an individual who "enjoyed" being a criminal Read More

Friday, August 14, 2009

Boston capo Jerry Angiulo reported near death

Former longtime Boston Mafia godfather Gennaro “Jerry” Angiulo was near death yesterday from kidney failure, sources told the Herald.
The 90-year-old ex-mobster from Nahant has been on weekly dialysis treatments, sources said, and was hospitalized in Lynn where he was surrounded by family.

A call to Union Hospital in Lynn last night to check on Angiulo’s condition was referred to the intensive-care unit.
There, a medical official said the hospital was not allowed to discuss patients’ cases.
Angiulo was convicted of racketeering, loansharking and illegal gambling in 1986 and sentenced to 45 years in federal prison after his headquarters at 98 Prince St. in the North End was infamously bugged by the FBI with help from the agency’s star informants, James “Whitey” Bulger and Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi - the criminal kingpin’s underworld rivals in South Boston.
Angiulo, underboss of New England La Cosa Nostra from the late 1960s until he was busted, was not expected to be released from federal prison until next May, but was paroled in 2007 for good behavior.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ex-girlfriend tells of confronting Stephen "The Rifleman" Flemmi

A former girlfriend of gangster Stephen “The Rifleman’’ Flemmi testified tearfully yesterday that she accused him in 1986 of murdering her daughter but did not know for sure that Deborah Hussey was dead and that the mobster had participated in the slaying until 14 years later.
Testifying in a wrongful-death lawsuit that blames the FBI for the slaying because Flemmi was a protected informant, Marion A. Hussey said she confronted him outside a hospital where their son had been taken after a car accident. Hussey, 69, of Weymouth, had three children with Flemmi, whom she never married. Her daughter, Deborah Hussey, was from a marriage that had ended in divorce.
Marion Hussey said she had not heard from Deborah in two years and feared that Flemmi had something to do with the 26-year-old’s disappearance. The young woman had told her mother in 1984 that Flemmi had molested her for years. Deborah Hussey also caused tension in the couple’s Milton home because she abused drugs, engaged in prostitution, and robbed bookmakers, her mother said.
“I said to him, ‘You killed my daughter,’ ’’ Marion Hussey recalled, referring to the confrontation outside the hospital. “He was taken aback. He was in shock. He grabbed a pole. His knees bent.’’
Hussey’s lawyer, Ann M. Donovan, of Newton, asked her whether Flemmi denied killing her daughter. “I don’t remember what his exact words were,’’ Hussey replied.
Flemmi, who is serving a life sentence for 10 murders, testified previously during the trial at US District Court in Boston that Deborah Hussey was among two women he lured to homes in South Boston on separate occasions in the 1980s. Both times, the 75-year-old gangster said, he silently watched as his partner James “Whitey’’ Bulger quietly emerged from a back room and strangled them.
Deborah Hussey’s body was unearthed in 2000 from a Dorchester grave, 15 years after her murder.
Her family is among three suing the federal government in the civil wrongful-death trial. The others are relatives of Flemmi’s onetime girlfriend Debra Davis, who was allegedly strangled by Bulger in 1981 at age 26, and relatives of Louis Litif, a South Boston bar owner and bookmaker who was shot to death in 1980.
The families are seeking unspecified damages for the victims’ pain and suffering and the families’ loss of financial and emotional support. US District Court Judge William G. Young is presiding over the nonjury trial.
The plaintiffs contend that the FBI created a dangerous condition by failing to control Bulger and Flemmi, both of whom were FBI informants. The informants reported to John J. Connolly Jr., a corrupt agent who was sentenced to 40 years in prison in January for leaking information to Bulger and Flemmi that led to the killing of a Boston businessman in Florida in 1982. Bulger, 79, is wanted for 19 killings and has been a fugitive since 1995.
The Justice Department counters it had no idea that Bulger and Flemmi planned to kill the three victims. One of the Justice Department lawyers said during his opening statement that Marion Hussey lived on “blood money’’ from Flemmi for years and cannot blame the FBI for her daughter’s murder

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Italian American Mobsters

Joseph Abate, "Joey"
Frank Abbandando Jr., "Fingers"
Frank Abbatemarco, "Frankie Shots"
Philip Abramo, "The King of Wall Street"
Settimo Accardi, "Big Sam"
Tony Accardo, [Antonino Accardo], "Big Tuna"
Anthony Accetturo, "Tumac"
Carmine Agnello
Thomas Agro, [Ambrosiano], "T.A", "Tipp"
Anthony Aiello, "Ace"
Joe Aiello, [Giuseppe Aiello]
Joseph Aiuppa, "Ha Ha", "Joey Doves" (1907-1997)
Felix Alderisio, "Milwaukee Phil"
Harry Aleman, "The Hook"
Joseph Allegro, "Joey"
Vincent Alo, "Jimmy Blue Eyes"
Benedetto Aloi, "Benny"
Vincenzo Aloi, "Vinny"
William Aloisio, "Smokes"
Willie Altieri, "Two-Knife"
Giacomo Amari, "Jake"
Jackie Zancone, "The Boss"
Frank Amato
Joseph Amato
Samuzzo Amatuna, "Samuel", "Samoots"
Victor Amuso, "Little Vic"
Albert Anastasia, [Umberto Anastasio], "Mad Hatter", "Lord High Executioner"
Anthony Anastasio, "Tough Tony"
Antonio Anatuppi, "The Toothpick"
Joseph Andriacchi, "Joe the Builder"
Donald Angelini, "The Wizard of Odds"
Albert Anselmi
Anthony Antico, "Tico"
Ignacio Antinori
Salvatore Aparo, "Sammy Meatballs"
Vito Arena
John Ardito, "Buster"
Joseph Ardizzone, [Giuseppe Ernesto Ardizzone]
Joseph Armone, "Joe Piney"
Stephen Armone, "14th Street Steve"
Vincent Artuso, "Little Vinnie"
Jerome Asaro, "Jerry"
Vincent Asaro, "Vinnie"
Louis Attanasio, "Louie Ha Ha"
Alphonse Attardi, "The Peacemaker" (1892-1970)
Carmine Avellino
Salvatore Avellino, "Sal", "The Golfer"
Johnny Avendano, "Johnny Mad Matt"

Frank Balistrieri, "Frankie Bal," "Mr. Big" d. 1993
Anthony Baratta, "Bowat"
Joseph Barbara, "Joe the Barber"
John Barbato, "Johnny Sausage"
Edward Barberra, [Barberro]
Vincent Basciano, "Vinny Gorgeous", "Vinny from the Bronx"
Sam Battaglia, "Teets"
James Belcastro, "Mad Bomber"
Liborio Bellomo, "Barney"
Nicholas Bianco, "Nicky"
Anthony J. Biase
Lawrence Bilello, "Larry"
Richard Bilello, "Richie"
Thomas Bilotti, "The Wig", "The Doberman," "Zombie Bilotti", "The Pitbull", "Tommy", (1940-1985)
Charles Binaggio (1909-1950)
Joseph Biondo, "Joe Bandy", "Joe the Blonde", "Little Rabbit"
Attilio Bitondo, "Tillio"
Ferdinand Boccia, "The Shadow"
Richard Boiardi, "Richie the Boot"
Frank Bompensiero, "Frankie Bomp"
Joseph Bonanno, "Joe Bananas" (1905-2002)
Salvatore Bonanno, "Bill" (1932- 2008)
Cesare Bonventre, "The Tall Guy" (d. 1984)
Giovanni Bonventre, "John"
Vito Bonventre
Henry Borelli, "Dirty Harry"
Rosario Borgio
Bartholomew Boriello, "Bobby" (d. 1991)
Anthony Brancato
Dominic Brooklier, [Domenico Brucceleri], "Jimmy Regace"
Adolfo Bruno
Angelo Bruno, "The Gentle Don" (1910-1980)
Fiore Buccieri, "Fifi"
Frank Buccieri, "The Horse", "Frank Russo", "Big Frank"
Russell Bufalino, "McGee", "The Old Man"

Joel Cacace, "Waverly"
Thomas Cacciopoli, "Tommy Sneakers", "Cacci"
Vincent Caci, "Jimmy"
Marshall Joseph Caifano, [Marcello Giuseppe Caifano]
Vincent Cafaro, "Fish"
Richard Cain
Frank Calabrese, Sr., "Frankie Breeze"
Frank Cali, [Francesco Paolo Augusto Calì], "Franky Boy"
Joseph Cammarano, "Joe Saunders"
William Cammisano, "Willie the Rat"
Louis Campagna, "Little New York"
Paul Cantarella
Richard Cantarella, "Shellackhead"
Anthony Capo, "Tony"
Al Capone, [Alphonse Capone], "Scarface", "Big Al" (1899-1947)
Frank Capone, [Salvatore Capone]
Louis Capone (1896-1944)
Ralph Capone, "Bottles"
Antonio Caponigro, "Tony Bananas"
John Capra, "Johnny Hooks"
Frankie Carbo, [Paul Carbo] "Frank Tucker", "Mr. Fury", "Mr. Gray" (d. 1976)
Anthony J. Cardarella, "Tiger"
Sam Cardinelli, [Salvatore Cardinella]
Anthony Carfano, "Little Augie Pisano" (d. 1959)
Louis Cafora II, "Fat Louis", "The Whale",
Joseph Caridi, "Joe C"
Sam Carlisi, "Black Sam", "Wings" (d. 1997)
John Carneglia, "Johnny Carnegs"
Sylvestro Carolla, "Sam" (1896-1972)
Charles Carrollo, "Charlie the Wop"
Frank Carrone, "Buzz", "Buzzy"
Robert Carozza, "Bobby Russo"
Frank T. Caruso, "Skids"
Primo Cassarino
Anthony Casso, "Gaspipe"
Paul Castellano, "PC" (1915-1985)
Eugene Castelle, "Bubsie", "Boopsie"
Richard Castucci
Salvatore Catalanotte, "Sam Sings in the Night"
Dominick Cataldo, "Little Dom"
Anthony Catania, "The Baker"
Gerardo Catena, "Jerry"
Domenico Cefalu, "Italian Dom" (b. 1947)
Dino Cellini
John Cerrella, "Johnny Sideburns"
Jackie Cerone, "Jackie the Lackey" (1914-)
Dominick Cersani, "Remo"
John Cersani, "Boobie"
Peter Chiodo, "Fat Pete"
Anthony Ciccone, "Sonny"
Dominick Cirillo, "The Quiet Dom"
Anthony Civella, "Tony Ripe"
Carl Civella, "Corky"
Nicholas Civella, [Giuseppe Nicoli Civella]
Michael Clemente, "Mike Costello", "Big Mike"
Frank Colacurcio, Sr.
Eco James Coli
Joseph Colombo (1914-1978)
James Colosimo, "Big Jim" (1877-1920)
Louis Consalvo, "Louie Eggs"
George Conte, "Georgie Goggles"
Pasquale Conte, "Patty", "Patsy"
Frank Coppa
Michael Coppola, "Trigger Mike" (d. 1965)
Anthony Corallo, "Tony Ducks"
Joseph Corrao, "Joe Butch"
Vincent Corrao, "Vinny Butch"
Anthony Cornero, "Admiral", "Tony the Hat"
Joseph Corozzo, "JoJo"
Nicholas Corozzo, "Little Nicky"
Vincent Corrao, "Vinny Butch", "Vinny the Shrimp"
Vincent Corrao, "Vinny the Blond"
Samuel Corsaro, "Little Sammy"
James Cosmano, "Sunny Jim"
Frank Costello, "The Prime Minister" (1891-1973)
Steven Crea, "Stevie Wonder", "Herbie"
Perry Criscitelli
Domenico Cutaia, "Danny"
William Cutolo, "Billy Fingers", "Wild Bill" (d. 1999)

William Daddano, Sr., "Willie Potatoes" (1912-1975)
Louis Daidone, "Louie Bagels"
John D'Amato, "Johnny Boy"
Alphonse D'Ambrosio "Funzi"
Salvatore D'Ambrosio "Sally"
John D'Amico, "Jackie Nose"'
Joseph D'Amico, "Joe Mook"
Anthony D'Andrea, [Antonio D'Andrea]
Leo D'Angelo, "The Mad Hatter"
Ralph Daniello, "The Barber"
Salvatore D'Aquila, "Toto"
Alphonse D'Arco, "Little Al"
Angelo DeCarlo, "Gyp"
Sam DeCavalcante, [Samuel Rizzo Decavalcante], "Sam the Plumber" (1913-1997)
Frank DeCicco, (d. 1986)
George DeCicco, "Butterass"
Joseph Defede, "Little Joe", "Joe D"
Peter DeFeo, "Philie Aquilino"
William D'Elia, "Big Billy" (1946-)
Patrick DeFilippo, "Patty from the Bronx"
Andrew Thomas DelGiorno, "Tommy Del"
Aniello Dellacroce, "Neil", "The Lamb" (1914-1985)
Frank DeLuca, [Francesco DeLuca]
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Joseph DeLuca, [Giuseppe DeLuca]
Vincent DeMartino, "Chicky"
Frank DeMayo, "Chee-Chee"
Roy DeMeo, [Roy Albert Demeo] (1940-1983)
Lawrence Dentico, "Larry Fab", "Little Larry"
John DeRoss, "Jackie", "Jackie Zambooka"
Gino DeSilva, "Ginny Books"
Anthony DeSimone, "Tony D"
Frank DeSimone
Franky DeSimone
James DeSimone
Joseph DeSimone, "Joe Desi", "Joe Black"
Rosario DeSimone, "The Chief"
Thomas DeSimone, "Two-Gun Tommy"
Sam DeStefano, "Mad Sam"
William Devino, "Billy Batts"
Vito Di Giorgio
John DiGilio, "Johnny Dee"
Michael DiLeonardo, "Mickey Scars"
Paul DiMarco, "Paulie Stripes"
Leonard DiMaria, "Lenny"
Joseph DiNapoli, "Joey Dean"
Louis DiNapoli
Vincent DiNapoli
John Dioguardi, "Johnny Dio"
Joseph DiStefano, "Joe Shakes"
Joseph DiVarco, "Little Caesar"
Jack Dragna, [Antonio Rizzoti]
Tom Dragna, born Gateano Rizzoit
Louis Tom Dragna, "The Reluctant Prince"
Vincent Drucci, [Vittorio D'Ambrosio], "Schemer" (1898-1927)

Thomas Eboli, "Tommy Ryan" (d. 1972)
Albert Embarrato, "Al Walker" (d. 2001)
James Episcopia, [Giacomo Episcopia], "Jimmy Legs"
Joseph Esposito, "Diamond Joe"
Natale Evola, "Joe Diamond"

Anthony Fiato, "The Animal"
Louis Facciolo, "Louie"
James Failla, "Jimmy Brown
Costabile Farace jr., "Gus"
Carmine Fatico, "Charley Wagons"
Anthony Federici, "Tough Tony"
Steve Ferrigno, [Stefano Ferrigno]
Louis Ferrante
Theresa Ferrara
Vincent M. Ferrara, "The Animal"
Joseph Ferriola, "Oscar", "Joe Nagall"
Ray Ferritto
Bill Fischetti, [Guglielmo Fischetti], "William"
Rocco Fischetti, "Ralph Fisher", "Rocky"
Tino Fiumara, "T", "The Greek"
Stephen Flemmi, "The Rifleman"
Vincent Flemmi, "Jimmy The Bear", "Vinnie the Butcher"
Steven Franse
John Franzese, "Sonny"
Michael Franzese
Christopher Furnari, "Christy Tick"
Jimmy Fratianno, "The Weasel"
Louis Fratto, [Luigi Tomaso Giuseppi Fratto], "Lew Farrell"

Anthony Gaggi, "Nino"
Tommy Gagliano, [Gaetano Gagliano]
Carmine Galante, "Cigar", "Lilo" (1910-1979)
James Galante
Joseph Galizia, "Joe Glitz"
Albert Gallo, "Kid Blast", "Al Blast"
James Gallo , "Jimmy"
Joe Gallo, "Crazy Joe", "Joey the Blond" (1929-1972)
Joseph N. Gallo (1912-1995)
Kenny Gallo, "Kenji"
Carlo Gambino (1902-1976)
Emanuel Gambino, "Manny"
Thomas Gambino, "Tommy"
Rosario Gangi, "Ross"
Eddie Garafola, "Eddie the Chink"
Charles Gargotta, "Mad Dog"
Michael James Genovese
Thomas Genovese, "Tommy"
Vito Genovese, "Don Vitone" (1897-1969)
Nicola Gentile, "Nick", "Zu Cola"
Preston Geritano
Phillip Giaccone, "Philly Lucky", "The Priest"
Corrado Giacona
Sam Giancana, "Momo", "Mo", "Mooney", "Sam the Cigar", "Sam Flood" (1908-1975)
Michael Gianco, [Michele Gianfranco], "Spider"
Gaetano Gianolla
Mario Gigante
Vincent Gigante, "Chin", "The Oddfather" (1928-2006)
Charles Gioe, "Cherry Nose" (d. 1954)
Thomas Gioeli, "Tommy Shots"
Frank Gioia, Jr., "Spaghetti Man"
Frank Gioia, Sr.
Anthony Giordano, [Antonio Rico Giuseppe Giordano], "Tony G"
Anthony Gizzo, "Fat Tony"
Gene Gotti (1946-)
John Gotti, "Dapper Don", "The Teflon Don" (1940-2002)
John A. Gotti, "Junior Gotti" (1960-)
Peter Gotti (1939-)
Richard G. Gotti (1968-)
Richard V. Gotti (1942-)
Steven Grammauta, "Stevie Coogan"
Sammy Gravano, [Salvatore Gravano], "Sammy the Bull" (1945-)
Anthony Graziano, "T.G."
Edward Grillo, "Danny"
Francesco Guarraci, "Frank"
Matthew Guglielmetti, "Matty"
Joseph Guglielmo, "Dracula"

Henry Hill (1943-)

Matthew Ianniello, "Matty the Horse"
Joseph Iannuzzi, "Joe Dogs"
James Ida
Frank Illiano, "Punchy"
Nicola Impastato, "Nick Tousa"
Alphonse Indelicato, "Sonny Red"
Anthony Indelicato, "Bruno", "Whack-Whack"
Pietro Inzarillo, [Inzerillo]

Ronald Jerothe, "John", "Foxy"
Wilfred Johnson, "Willie Boy"
Joseph Juliano, "Sonny"

Paul Kelly, [Paolo Antonio Vaccarelli] (1871/1876-1927/1936)

Gennaro Langella, "Jerry Lang"
Joseph Lanza, "Socks"
Angelo J. LaPietra, "The Hook"
James LaPietra, "Jimmy the Lapper"
Louis LaRasso, "Fat Lou"
John Sebastian LaRocca
James V. LaSala
Frank Lastorino, "Big Frank"
Peter LaTempa
John Lazia, "Brother John"
Daniel Leo, "Danny the Lion"
Phil Leonetti, "Crazy Phil"
Paolo LiCastri
Nicola Licata, "Old Man', "Nick"
Dominic Licavoli,
James T. Licavoli, [Vicentio Licavoli], "Jack White", "Blackie"
Thomas Licavoli, "Yonnie"
Peter Licavoli, "Horseface"
Joseph Ligambi, "Uncle Joe"
Frank Lino, "Curly"
Frank LoCascio, "Frankie Loc"
Peter LoCascio, "Mr. Bread"
Salvatore LoCascio
Gaetano Lococo, "Thomas", "Tano"
Dominick LoFaro, "Big Dom"
Pasqualino Lolordo, "Patsy"
Antonio Lombardo, "The Scourge" (1892-1928)
Joseph Lombardo, "Joey the Clown" (1929-)
Philip Lombardo, "Benny Squint", "Cockeyed Ben"
Ralph Lombardo, "Ralphie"
Carmine Lombardozzi, "The Doctor"
Angelo Lonardo
Alan Longo, "Baldie"
Joseph LoPiccolo, "Baldie"
Anthony Loria Sr., ""Tony Aboudamita"" (1921-1989)
Tommy Lucchese, [Gaetano Lucchese], "Three Finger Brown", "Tommy Brown" (1899-1967)
Charles Luciano, [Salvatore Lucania], "Lucky" (1896-1962)
Joseph Luparelli, "Joe Pesh"

Mariano Macaluso, "Mac"
Matthew Madonna
Peter Magaddino
Stefano Magaddino, "The Undertaker"
Joseph Magliocco, [Giuseppe Magliocco], "Joe Malayak"
Harry Maione, "Happy"
Charles Majuri, [Carlo Majuri], "Charlie Big Ears"
Alphonse Malangone, "Allie Shades"
Frank Maltese, "Baldy"
Lawrence Mangano, "Dago"
Venero Mangano, "Frank", "Benny Eggs"
Vincent Mangano, [Vincenzo Giovanni Mangano], "The Executioner"
Louis Manna, "Bobby"
Anthony Mannarino, "Marshmallow"
Luigi Manocchio, "Baby Shanks"
Francesco Manzo, "Frankie the Wop", "Frank Manze"
Nicholas Marangello, "Nicky Glasses", "Nicky Cigars", "Little Nicky"
Salvatore Maranzano
Carlos Marcello, [Calogero Minacore]
James Marcello, “Little Jimmy”, "The Man"
Daniel Joseph Marino, "Danny"
Richard Martino
John Vincent Martorano, "Vincent Joseph Rancourt", "Richard O'Coin", "Nick", "The Cook", "The Executioner"
Joseph Masella, "Joey O"
Joe Masseria, [Giuseppe Masseria], "Joe the Boss"
Joseph Massino, "Big Joey"
Richard Mazzeo
John Mazzolla, "Johnny"
Angelo McConnach, "Sonny Bamboo"
Jack McGurn, [Vincenzo Antonio Gibaldi], "Machine Gun"
James McLain, [Antonio Trangorello], "Revolvers"
Anthony Megale, "The Genius"
Angelo Meli
Vincent Meli, "Little Vince"
Frank Menna
Angelo Mercurio, "Sonny"
Joseph Merlino, "Skinny Joe"
Mike Merlo, [Michele Merlo]
Sam Mesi, [Samuele Mesi]
Aniello Migliore, "Neil"
Peter Milano, "Shakes"
Gaspar Milazzo
Alfred Mineo, [Alfredo Manfredi]]
John Mirabella, [Giovanni Mirabella]
Joseph Miranda, "Joe"
Michele Miranda, "Big Mike"
Anthony Mirra
Leo Moceri, [Leonard Calogero Moceri], "Leo Lips"
Salvatore Montagna, "Sal the Iron Worker"
John C. Montana, [Giovanni Montana]
Lenny Montana, [Lenny Passofaro]
Montague Montemurro, "Monte"
Dominick Montiglio
John Morales, "Johnny Burns"
Peter Morales, [Peter Anselmi], "Peter Burns"
Pellegrino Morano
Alexander Morelli, "Black Alex", "Skinny Alex"
Antonio Morello
Nicholas Morello, [Nicolo Morello]
Peter Morello, [Pietro Morello], "The Clutching Hand", "The Old Fox", "Piddu Morello"
Willie Moretti
Julie Morrell, "Jules Morello"
Ralph Mosca, "Ralphie Bones"
Ernest Muscarella, "Ernie"

James Napoli, "Jimmy Nap"
Aniello Napolitano, "Neil"
Dominick Napolitano, "Sonny Black" (1936-1981)
Peter Napolitano, "Pete the Nap"
John Nardi, [Giovanni Narcchione]
Bernard NiCastro, "Bernie"
Charles Nicoletti, "Chuckie", "The Typewriter" (1916-1977)
Frank Nitti, "The Enforcer" (1883-1943)
John Nobile

Victor Orena, "Little Vic"

Daniel Pagano
Joseph Luco Pagano
Girolamo Palermo, "Jimmy Dumps"
Vincent Palermo, "Vinny Ocean"
Charles Panarella, "Charlie Moose"
Vincent Papa
Frank Papagni, "Bones"
Rosario Parrino, "Sasa"
John Pate
Raymond L.S. Patriarca
Raymond Patriarca, Jr.
Guido Penosi, "The Bull"
Anthony Peraino, "Big Tony"
Robert Perrino, "Bobby"
Ciro Perrone
Alphonse Persico, "Allie Boy"
Carmine Persico, "The Snake", "Junior" (1933-)
Theodore Persico, "Teddy"
Dominick Petrilli, "The Gap"
Tommaso Petto, "The Ox"
Anthony Pezzullo, "Razor"
Frank Piccolo
Nicholas Piccolo, "Nicky Buck"
Joseph Pinzolo, [Bonaventura Pinzolo], "Fat Joe"
Louis Pioggi, [Poggi], "Louie the Lump"
Thomas Pitera, "Tommy Karate"
Dominick Pizzonia, "Skinny Dom"
Alfred Polizzi, "The Owl"
Frank Polizzi, [Francesco Polizzi]
Angelo Ponte
Rocco Pranno
Thomas Principe, ".22 Caliber Killer"
Ross Prio, [Rosario Prio]
Angelo Prisco, "The Horn"
Joe Profaci, [Giuseppe Profaci](1897-1962)
Anthony Provenzano, "Tony Pro"
Giuseppe Provenzano, "The Sock-Puppet"
Nunzio Provenzano, "Nunzi Pro"
Joseph Puma, "Joey" R
Anthony Rabito, "Mr. Fish", "Fat Anthony"
Rocco Racco
Gregory Rago, "Georgie"
Joseph Rao, "Joseph Cangro", "Tough Joey"
Phillip Rastelli, "Rusty" (1918-1991)
Marco Reginelli, "Small Man"
Tom Reina, [Gaetano Reina] (1889-1930)
George Remini, "Fat Georgie", "Big George"
Paul Ricca, "The Waiter" (1897-1972)
Santo Ricchiettore, "Sonny boy" (1905-1976)
Lawrence Ricci
Louis Ricco, "Louie Bracciole"
Harry Riccobene, "Harry the Hump"
Giovanni Riggi, "John the Eagle"
Frank Rio, "Frank Cline"
Nelson Rivera "Alexis Lombardo"
Michael Rizzitello, "Mike Rizzi"
Alex Rocco
Carmine Romano
John Roselli,
Anthony Rotondo, "Tony"
Benjamin Ruggiero, "Lefty" (1923-1995)
Angelo Ruggiero, "Quack Quack"
Ernest Rupolo, "The Hawk"
Anthony Russo, "Chucky"

Michael Sabella, "Mimi"
Salvatore Sabella
Ignazio Saietta, "Ignazio Lupo", "Lupo the Wolf"
Vincent Salanardi, "Vinny Baldy"
Frank Salemme, [Francis Salemone], "Cadillac Frank", "Julian Daniel Selig"
Anthony Salerno, "Fat Tony"
Rudolph Santobello, "Rudy"
Nicholas Santora, "Nicky Mouth"
Saverio Santora, "Sammy"
Salvatore Santoro Sr., "Tom Mix"
James Santos, "Jimmy"
Michael Sarno, "Fat Boy"
Salvatore Scala, "Fat Sally"
Frank Scalice, [Francesco Scalice], "Don Cheech" (1893-1957)
John Scalise
John T. Scalish
Frank Scarabino, "Franky the Beast"
Nicodemo Scarfo, "Little Nicky" (1929-)
Nicodemo Scarfo, Jr., "Nicky"
Gregory Scarpa Sr., "The Grim Reaper"
Gerald Scarpelli, [Gerald Hector Scarpelli] (1938-1989)
Giuseppe Schifilliti, "Pino"
Paul Sciacca
John Sciandra, [Giovanni Sciandra], "Johnny"
Gerlando Sciascia, "George from Canada"
Nicholas Scibetta, "Little Nicky"
Augustus Sclafani, "Big Gus"
Joseph Sclafani, "Tin Ear"
Robert Scola, "Bobby"
Ralph Scopo, "Little Ralphie"
Anthony Scotto
Anthony Senter
Angelo Sepe, "John", "Angie"
Carmine Sessa
Alphonso Sgroia, "The Butcher"
Joseph Sica, "JS"
Peter Simone, "Las Vegas Pete"
Michele Sindona, "The Shark"
Frank Sindone
Thomas Sinito, "The Chinaman"
Jack Sirocco
Vincent Solano
Frank Sorace
Anthony Spero
Anthony Spilotro, [Anthony John Spilotro], "Tony the Ant" (1938-1986)
Michael Spilotro, "Micky" (1944-1986)
Victor Spilotro (1935-1997)
Pasquale Spirito, "Pat the Cat"
James Squillante,"Jimmy Jerome", "Vincent Squillante"
Arnold Squitieri, "Zeke", "Bozey", "Sylvester", "Squiggy"
Anthony Stabile
John Stanfa, [Giovanni Stanfa], "The Dour Don"
Johnny Stompanato
Anthony Strollo "Tony Bender"

Martin Taccetta, "Marty"
Michael Taccetta, "Mad Dog"
Silva Tagliagamba
Enrico Tameleo, "Henry", "The Referee"
Joseph Tangorra, "Joey Flowers"
Vincent Teresa, "Fat Vinny"
Ciro Terranova, "The Artichoke King"
Vincenzo Terranova
Patrick Testa, "Patty"
Philip Testa, "Chicken Man"
Salvatore Testa, "Salvie", "The Crowned Prince of the Philadelphia Mob"
Frank Tieri, [Alphonse Tieri], "The Old Man", "Funzi"
Albert Tocco, [Caesar Tocco]
Jack Tocco, [Giacomo Tocco]
William Tocco, [Guglielmo Vito Tocco], "Black Bill"
Frank Todaro, [Francesco Todaro]
Joseph Todaro, Jr., "Big Joe"
Joseph Todaro, Sr.
Salvatore Todaro, [Agosto Archangelo], "Black Sam"
Antonio Tomasulo, [Tommasulo], "Bootsie"
James Torello, "Turk"
Johnny Torrio, [Giovanni Torrio], "The Fox", "Papa Johnny"
Santo Trafficante, Jr.
Santo Trafficante, Sr. (1886-1954)
Carmine Tramunti, "Mr. Gribbs"
Dominick Trinchera, "Big Trin"
John Tronolone, "Peanuts"
Matthew Trupiano Jr., "Mike"
Ronald Trucchio, "One Armed Ronnie"
Matthew Trupiano
Dominic Truscello, "Crazy Dom"
Tony Tursi (d. 1989)
Charles Tuzzo, "Chuckie"

Joseph Ullo
Charles Ubriaco, [Camillo Ubriaco]
Anthony Urso

Joe Valachi, "Joe Cargo" (1903-1971)
Rocco Valenti, [Umberto Valenti] (d. 1922)
Louis Vallario, "Big Lou"
Ernest Varacalli, "Junior"
Paul Vario (1914-1988)
Gaetano Vastola, "Corky"
Anthony Veranis, "Mickey White", "Tony"
Stefano Vitabile, "Steve the Truck Driver"
Anthony Vitale
John Vitale
Salvatore Vitale, "Good Looking Sal", "The Chief"
Rocco Vitulli
Alessandro Vollero
Joseph Vollero, "Joey V", "Joe Andrews"

Frankie Yale, [Francesco Ioele], "Uale" (1885/1893-1928) Z
Michael Zaffarano, "Mickey
John Zancocchio, "Porky"
Ilario Zannino, "Larry Biona"
George Zappola, "Georgie Neck"
Anthony Joseph Zerilli
Joseph Zerilli, [Giuseppe Zerilli]
Frank Zito

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