Saturday, March 21, 2009


Crime boss Vincent "Vinny Gorgeous" Basciano is sick of waiting a month and a half to read the New York Post.

But the convicted Bonanno big will be stuck reading old news for the foreseeable future after a federal judge ruled yesterday he must stay in strict solitary confinement, where his papers come drastically late and visits with his girlfriend and their son are prohibited.

It's the second time the mobster already convicted of one murder and awaiting trial for ordering another has lost a bid to be moved from the notorious Special Housing Unit of Manhattan's Metropolitan Correction Center.

He's been there since July 31, 2006, under the harsh Special Administrative Measures ordered by then-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales

In his petition to be moved, Basciano noted that the restrictions prohibit him from seeing his grade-school-aged son and the boy's mother, Basciano's longtime girlfriend, Debra Kalb.

Neither minors nor non-family members are allowed in solitary.

Basciano also complained that there was a 40- to 45-day delay in receiving his Post.

"We do not understand why there must be any delay with his receipt of a daily newspaper," his lawyer, Jane Simkin Smith, wrote in a February letter to the court.

The feds argue that Basciano, who allegedly slipped a "hit list" to another inmate in 2006 that included the names of federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis, a prosecutor and cooperating witnesses, remains dangerous